Water Tight Burial Urns

You protected themin life, now protect them forever. Give them security from rain and flooding with ForeverSafe™ water tight burial urns.

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ForeverSafe™ Water Tight Burial Urns

Strength in life is a cherished quality. If a strong shape for remembrance is suitable for someone you love, the ForeverSafe™ Rectangle Burial Urns will be as strong on the outside as it is on the inside. Polyethylene is relied on to make products that are exposed to destructive elements. There is value in knowing that the burial urn protecting your loved one, is protected by that same durability. Protect the one who protected you. Be strong with ForeverSafe™.

The Rectangle Burial Urn offers a strong silhouette with a classic design. The flat surfaces display the beauty of the finish and the shape is easily decorated for memorial. The security on the inside is represented in the vault like shape. No need to fear anything getting in or out thanks to the ForeverSafe™ anodized aluminum plate and stainless steel security screws. ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns are water tight and able to be buried without an additional container. With ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns, you know that your loved ones resting place is safe and secure.

The design of ForeverSafe™ offers products that reflect quality and style while unaffected by weather and water changes. All ForeverSafe™ Burial urns are made out of certified prime virgin Polyethylene, offering unsurpassed durability. Get the look and lifespan of granite and metal while drastically lowering the cost and interest of thieves. When protecting something valuable choose a product designed to do that. Don’t worry about losing your loved one again. Rest assured…. ForeverSafe™ is protecting them.

Water Tight Burial Urn Features

  • May be used to for housing cremains and for burial without additional vault
  • Polyethylene material deters burial urn from theft unlike metal counterparts
  • Includes neoprene gasket, anodized aluminum plate and stainless steel screws
  • Waterproof
  • Urn volume of 231 cubic inches for cremains
  • Water Tight Burial Urn Dimensions

  • 10" (height) x 10" (diameter)- Round Burial Urn
  • 8" (height) x 11" (width) x 8" (depth)- Rectangle Burial Urn
  • Water Tight Burial Urn Image Gallery

    White Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
    White Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
    Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
    Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
    Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
    Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
    Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
    Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
    Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
    Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
    Brown Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
    Brown Granite Urn & Vase Set
    Antiqued Urn & Vase Canister Set
    Antiqued Urn & Vase Set
    Bronze Urn & Vase Set
    Bronze Urn & Vase Set
    Rectangle Burial Urn Picture Gallery

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    Burial Urns

    • Water Tight Burial urn

      Water Tight Burial Urns

      Watch in the video as the team at Granger Plastics puts its Burial Urn to an extreme test, submerging it in water for more than a day!

    • Mahogany Small

      Metallics and Granites!

      Beautiful granite and metallic finishes! Water tight design that offers classic styling!

    Cemetery Vase

    • replacement vase 2

      Replacement Vases

      Gorgeous bronze, metallics and granite effects that complement any memorial or headstone!

    • ForeverSafe™ Vase Canister Set

      Complete Canistere Sets

      Complete matching granite or fine metallic urn, vase & canister set options available!

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